EU Coordination

Towards the European Energy Union

In February 2015, the European Union made the first proposal for a European Energy Union with the adoption of “A Framework Strategy for a Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy”. The aim of the energy union is to ensure secure, affordable and climate friendly energy across all EU member states. By doing so, it aims to create investments, jobs and a better climate for the future.

In response to the Energy Union, ENTSO-E (the European Network of Transmission System Operators) published the ENTSO-E Vision – The Energy Union Ahead. The ENTSO-E Vision was manifested in a Vision Package, which includes four executive papers of which one of them deals with regionalization in the electricity sector: Where the Energy Union Starts: Regions.

The establishment of Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) are part of this ambitious ENTSO-E paper. It describes the need and use for the RSCs in working towards the Energy Union. The document furthermore describes the importance of developing the five core services that the ENTSO-E described in their document Future TSO Coordination for Europe Policy Paper.

European RSCs

There are six RSCs across Europe (which can be seen in an overview here):
Nordic RSC based in Copenhagen
TSCNET Services based in Munich
Coreso based in Brussels
SCC based in Serbia
Baltic RSC served from the three national control centres
SEE 2 RSC based in Thessaloniki

ElSeC 2017

On 17 October 2017 in Munich TSCNET together with ENTSO-E will organize a regional security coordination conference. More information can be found here. The registration can be done here.

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