The Nordic RSC will work on a 24/7 basis to provide common Nordic grid models and calculation systems and upgrades data from the entire Nordic power system to valuable information for daily operation across the region. The five services are described below.

Coordinated capacity calculation (CCC)
The Nordic RSC must calculate cross-border transmission capacities and maximise the transmission capacity offered to the market.

Coordinated security analysis (CSA)
The Nordic RSC must identify operational security risks and recommend preventive action to the individual TSOs.

Outage Planning Coordination (OPC)
The Nordic RSC must keep a joint register of all planned outages for assets in the grid (high-voltage transmission lines, generators etc.) and streamline maintenance management.

Short and Medium Term Adequacy forecasts (SMTA)
The Nordic RSC must provide the TSOs with forecasts for production, consumption and the state of the grid up to several weeks in advance. This can then be communicated to market players.

Improved Individual Grid Models (IGM) and Common Grid Model (CGM)
The Nordic RSC must establish a common grid model that provides an hourly overview of all significant assets in the grid in the entire Nordic region (in terms of production, transmission and consumption).

The Common Grid Model functions as the calculation basis for all the other services.

ENTSO-E describes the importance of the Common Grid Model here.

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