About Nordic RSC

The Nordic RSC office is currently under development and officially went into operations January 2018. From this point the services described here go live in a stepwise process.

As from the beginning of 2017 all employees and systems are in place and the final procedures will be tested and fine-tuned in time for full operation.

Around the clock
When all services are fully operational, the joint office for the four Nordic TSOs will maintain 24/7 operation and be run by a small group of skilled professionals from all four countries.

Improved security and efficiency
On-going analysis of data from the four power systems and close coordination of activities improve the security in the operation of the Nordic power systems.

Regional generation adequacy information and coordinated capacity calculation as well as outage planning improve the overall efficiency of the systems and thus further conditions in the Nordic power markets.


Participating TSOs

Danish Energinet functions as the host TSO, but all four TSOs participate on equal terms in the joint office.

Nordic RSC Participating TSO