What is an RSC?

Daily Manager, Jens Møller Birkebæk explains an RSC by comparing the TSO’s control room with a car. In this scenario, you could say that the RSC helps the TSO put the high beams on. That makes the TSO able to operate more efficiently without compromising security, just like a car driving faster without compromising security due to the high beams.

An RSC does many of the same advanced calculations that happen in the TSO control rooms like capacity calculation and security analysis but on a regional level. The regional analyses ensure increased coordination and effectiveness.

While the RSC has a room like the TSO’s control room for calculation and monitoring, they are not able to take direct control of the grid. Therefore, the RSC can only make recommendations to the TSO’s on how to act. But by complementing the TSO data, the TSO’s can make better, more secure and efficient decisions.

For more detailed information see the description by ENTSO-E here.