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On 26th of April, the Nordic RSC went live with the Pan-European version of the service Outage Planning Coordination.

Nordic RSC monitors and follows the Pan-European process where the preliminary availability plans are created by merging the outage plans from all TSO’s, a load-flow calculation of the Pan-European system is done and if any outage planning incompatibilities are discovered, this is managed by the RSC for the actual region. Finally, the system delivers a final availability plan. The process starts Wednesday at 12.00 and is finalized Friday at 14.00.

What does this mean? 
Nordic RSC was responsible for coordinating the OPC service in Europe from 26th of April to 27th of May. This was done by monitoring the process and make sure the correct files were created and sent. If something goes wrong, the RSC in charge is responsible to make sure it is corrected and the process can be finalized.

Value for the TSOs
The Pan-European OPC service ensures that the TSOs in the Nordics have a better understanding of the outages in neighboring TSOs that may affect their operations. Furthermore, it is important to get experiences from the Pan-European outage planning coordination to use this experience in the regional coordination in the Nordic area.

Nordic vs European
While the Nordic RSC participates in the European service, the development of the Nordic OPC service is ongoing. The Nordic OPC will give more in depth and more updated availability plans ensuring that outages are coordinated optimally. The Nordic OPC service is ongoing in the weekly process, where the outages are coordinated on a regional level on a weekly meeting.


Nordic RSC goes live with Cross-regional SMTA Mon, 09 Apr 2018 11:42:38 +0000 9-4-2018

The Nordic RSC goes live with the first of five services, Short and Medium Term Adequacy (SMTA) starting with the cross-regional service.

For the next four weeks, the Nordic RSC will act as the Adequacy Alignment Agent (AAA) on a weekly basis for the European TSOs. Following these four weeks, the Nordic RSC will function as backup AAA. This is based on a jointly agreed shift schedule between the five European RSCs.

What does this mean? 
The Nordic RSC will perform quality check of inputs, perform deterministic and probabilistic calculation of the adequacy situation and finally distribute a report assessing the adequacy situation in the pan-European area.

As always in operational routines, the role of the backup AAA is to ensure that the adequacy analysis is performed even if the main AAA experiences blocking issues.

Value for the TSOs
SMTA gives an overview of the adequacy forecasts in Europe on a weekly basis, giving the TSOs a better basis for decision making.

By getting input to regional adequacy assessments from a pan-European overview in same level of granularity, this makes the results directly comparable region by region.

Nordic vs European
While the Nordic RSC participates in the European service, the development of the Nordic SMTA service is ongoing. The Nordic SMTA will give more in depth and more updated adequacy forecasts


Nordic RSC video Mon, 11 Dec 2017 07:58:34 +0000 In an effort to spread knowledge about the Nordic RSC, a video has been produced explaining the core tasks of the Nordic RSC.

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Nordic RSC: From Project to Normal operation – New governance structure Tue, 05 Dec 2017 11:38:22 +0000 As 2017 comes to an end so does Phase 1 of the Nordic RSC project. This means that from 1st of December 2017 Nordic RSC enters normal operation. To start with, operation will mean a change in governance structure and then from January the services will stepwise go into operations.

Project activities in the Nordic RSC however does not end. From 1st of January 2018, the Nordic RSC project will officially go into Phase 2. The scope for Phase 2 as described in the PID has been approved by the Nordic RSC board and the new governance structure has been decided.


Nordic RSC at ElSeC2017 Wed, 08 Nov 2017 11:32:16 +0000 …creating incremental changes in the European Electricity Security Coordination

Photo from ElSeC 2017 official website.

On October 17, 2017, the conference ElSeC on electricity security coordination took place for the first time. Participants were invited to Munich with TSCNET as the host to see both their office and to take part in a full day of exciting discussions. After the opening speech by Maik Neubauer, lights suddenly went out and with a flashlight in hand, Mark Elsberg, the author of the book “Blackout” walked in. Mark Elsberg gave a dramatized account of what would happen if there was a blackout in Europe, setting the stage for the importance of the topic of the day, European Electricity Security Coordination.

The following key note speeches, case presentations and panel debates involved lively discussions on the importance of regional cooperation, technical explanations from TSO and RSC representatives, challenging questions to regulators and exciting forecasts of the work that lies ahead. In the panel debate, Jens Møller Birkebæk, Nordic RSC project manager, expressed the need to make incremental changes – and avoid making revolutionary changes – but to make the changes fast to mirror the changes in the general European energy system.

The conference ended with a passing of the ElSeC flower to the ElSeC 2018 hosts, Coreso, in a spirit of cooperation showing the importance of the future European electricity security cooperation.

All presentations and the programme for the day can be found here.

ElSeC2017 video


The story of the Nordic RSC – Montel article Thu, 21 Sep 2017 11:29:02 +0000 The Nordic RCS is featured in an article in Montel, a leading information provider within Energy in Europe.

The article explains the benefit of the Nordic RSC for the Nordic region and the core functions the RSC will perform.

Montel also gives the back story for the creation of RSC’s in Europe in general, which came as a direct result of a massive power outage in November 2006. The power outage was caused by a network owner disconnecting the power line across the river Ems in Germany as the cruise ship Norwegian Pearl was passing. The power outage affected more than 10 million households in France, Benelux, Spain and even in Morocco.


You can find the article here. To read the full article, you have to sign up for Montel news, which you can do here.

Want to join the Nordic RSC team? – Deadline has passed. Fri, 04 Aug 2017 11:24:21 +0000 This is a unique chance for a Senior Business Process Analyst to join a high-profile, green field operation with a shared vision across four Nordic national Transmission System Operators (TSOs) who are determined to make an important footprint in the energy sector.

See the two job postings here.

Two-way learning – Nordic RSC visits the TSOs Wed, 05 Jul 2017 11:22:01 +0000 05-07-2017

The Nordic RSC project is developing rapidly. Everyone involved in the project in the TSOs and in the Nordic RSC is working at full speed and Go-Live in December 2017 is coming closer and closer.

Currently the services are being developed and implemented in the IT systems together with the TSOs. The testing period begins after the summer holidays and the TSOs and the Nordic RSC will work together on a daily basis to do a detailed and comprehensive testing ensuring that each service is ready for Go-Live.

In the past month, the 8 Nordic RSC employees have therefore been visiting the four Nordic TSOs. The visits provided two-way learning. The goal was to give a clearer picture of the Nordic RSC and the common processes to the TSO staff not involved on a day-to-day basis in the development. The goal for the Nordic RSC was to get a better understanding of the differences and similarities between the TSOs.

Ilkka Luukkonen from Fingrid described the benefit of the trip: “I gained an overview of different TSO systems and practices in operation planning and control centers”. For Go-Live, the Nordic RSC will have ongoing communication with the control centers in each TSO to provide the services. It is therefore crucial for the Nordic RSC operators to have a good understanding of the daily operations in each TSO.

Several of the operators also emphasized the great benefit of getting to know the people in the TSOs. Jakob Katzman from Svenska Kraftnät explained that he sees face-to-face meetings as a great step towards better cooperation. The importance of the control centers in each country and the help that the Nordic RSC can provide them makes it essential that the operators understand each other and can work well together.

The TSO visits highlighted the importance of cooperation and open communication. For the Nordic RSC has this has been given very high priority throughout the project. Clear communication and successful cooperation are key drivers in ensuring that the services provided by the Nordic RSC give the best possible value to the operation in the Nordic TSOs.

The Nordic RSC operators and Fingrid staff after two successful days in the Fingrid offices.

Nordic RSC is recruiting Tue, 04 Jul 2017 11:16:21 +0000 04-07-2017

The Nordic RSC Board has approved the recruitment of more employees to the Nordic RSCs. The recruitment will entail an internal recruitment of one employee from each of the four TSO’s along with a general recruitment of two back office employees.

The job postings are currently being formulated and will be posted as soon as they are ready.

The amazing Nordic RSC operators.


Nordic RSC mentioned in Nordic energy report Thu, 22 Jun 2017 11:12:24 +0000 22-06-2017

The Nordic Council of Ministers published a strategic analysis of how the Nordic energy cooperation might develop in the coming 5-10 years. The report focuses on the green transition and emphasizes that the greatest challenges are yet to come. Here, the report focuses on the importance of close cooperation between the Nordic countries and on avoiding sub-optimal national solutions.

The report promotes the Nordic RSC as a good example of Nordic synergy and emphasizes the key role of the RSC in implementing the European Energy Union.

The report can be found here.