Simulation Results

Flow-based parameters

The flow-based parameters from the internal parallel run are available on the JAO website:

There you can also find the Publication Handbook: Nordic - Publication Tool for DA CCM:

Internal Parallel Run Market Reports

Internal Parallel Run - CCM Market report W.40-43

Internal Parallel Run - CCM Market report W.35-36

Please give us feedback on the published Nordic CCM IPR Market reports. The survey is open for entry until 2 February 2022.  Answer the stakeholder survey on the IPR Market reports here!

Archive: information from 2018 and earlier

Flow-based market simulations from development of the flow-based methodology.

Results of Flow-based Market Simulations

Flow-based market simulations were performed on historical weeks in order to compare the FB methodology with the current NTC methodology. The simulations used the Euphemia simulation facility, which contain historical order books. The CCM consultation document contain additional documentation on the market simulations, and is available here.

Reports from the market simulations as well as the raw simulation results can be found below. The reports analyze the differences between the FB methodology and the current NTC methodology, one historical week at a time. It highlights the major trends for each week and also contains detailed results on prices, net positions, cross-border flows and overloads on grid elements. Any feedback on the market simulations and reports is greatly appreciated and can be sent to

Reports from the weekly simulations:
- Week 1, 2017: Download here.
- Week 2, 2017: Download here.
- Week 3, 2017: Download here.
- Week 4, 2017: Download here.
- Week 5, 2017: Download here.
- Week 6, 2017: Download here.
- Week 8, 2017: Download here.
- Week 9, 2017: Download here.
- Week 10, 2017: Download here.
- Week 11, 2017: Download here.
- Week 12, 2017: Download here.

Overall trend of the socioeconomic differences between FB and NTC.

Simulation results for 2016: Download here. (117mb)
Simulation results for 2017: Download here. (88mb)

Explanatory information: Download here.

Stakeholder Tool

An interactive tool for evaluating flows in the Nordic system can be found here.
The tool is in development, and suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Any questions or comments to the data can addressed to