Nordic Capacity Calculation Methodology Project

Background – The Nordic power system is changing, and will face more intermittent renewable infeed, and an increasing degree of interconnection with adjacent synchronous areas. This requires the power system operations to change accordingly, whilst the Nordic TSOs are maintaining the balance between market facilitation and grid security. By introducing more coordination and cooperation among the Nordic TSOs at the capacity calculation stage, it is possible to obtain a more detailed estimate of available cross-border capacity to facilitate the DA and ID market, whilst maintaining required operational security.

The Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM) guideline, which entered into force on August 14’th 2015, sets out European requirements for capacity calculation for the Day-ahead and Intraday market time frame. With its coordinated capacity calculation approach, and more accurate grid representation during the capacity allocation, the FB methodology is the preferred coordinated capacity calculation methodology in the CACM GL. A Coordinated Net Transfer Capacity (CNTC) approach may only be used if it can be demonstrated that the FB approach would not bring an added value compared to a CNTC approach. The CACM guideline requires all TSOs in each capacity calculation region to submit a proposal for a common coordinated capacity calculation methodology to the concerned regulatory authorities within the respective region no later than 10 months after the approval of the proposal for a capacity calculation region.

Anticipating the requirements in the CACM GL, the Nordic TSOs initiated a Flow-Based (FB) pre-feasibility study in November 2012. The purpose was to investigate technical feasibility and potential benefits of an FB capacity calculation and allocation for the Nordic region. The study provided sufficient comfort for the TSOs to initiate a feasibility study in which to develop an FB methodology and a prototype tool for the Nordics, and to start preliminary market experimentations.

The Nordic Capacity Calculation Methodology (CCM) has been submitted to the Nordic NRAs on May 16, 2018. The Nordic NRAs approved the Nordic CCM for the DA and ID timeframe on July 16, 2018.

This site aims at providing relevant information to stakeholders affected by a change in the capacity calculation methodology.