Coordinated Capacity Calculation

The Nordic RSC must calculate cross-border transmission capacities and maximise the transmission capacity offered to the market.

In the beginning of 2018 the Steering Group decided on a stepwise approach for the CCC service:

  • Step 1a: Nordic RSC office, take responsibility for sending day-ahead capacities to NordPool using NOIS (Went live on the 5th of September 2018). Which includes:
    • Define routines and fallback routines, together with the Nordic TSOs, NordPool and NOG
    • New RSC Core Room to support routines and fallback routines
  • Step 1c: Nordic RSC office coordinate, deliver and verify DA capacities and verify results for DA flow, in Nordic Area with more NEMOs (Went live on the 3rd of June 2020).
  • Step 2 NorCap Project: RSC calculates Flow Based (FB) capacities. TSOs approve. RSCs send to NEMOs.
    • Process to procure tool for flow based calculation is ongoing
    • Expected Go-Live by Q3-Q4 2022.
  • Step 3: RSC calculates FB capacities taking into account dynamic security analysis.



The purpose of the CCC1c service is to create a base for the cooperation between end users at TSOs’ and end users at Nordic RSC and deliver capacities to Nordic NEMOs. CCC 1c consists of capacity release from NOIS to Nordic NEMOs and is performed at the NRSC between 0900 and 0935 every day all year.

When multiple NEMOs are introduced in the Nordic Day Ahead (DA) market, NRSC will provide Cross Zonal Capacities (CZC) and Allocation Constrains (AC) to the Nordic NEMOs in Pre-Coupling. After Nordic NEMOs have received the Multi Regional Coupling result, Nordic NEMOs forward this result, with focus on Nordic corridors to NRSC for verification in Coupling. NRSC will then verify the DA result against CZC and AC. After this verification, NRSC will create a final confirmation based on the result from the verification. The Multi Regional Coupling (MRC) needs positive Final Confirmation (FC) from all regions, before the DA process can be finalized and Global Final Confirmation (GFC) can be sent from the MRC to NEMOs, TSOs and NRSC.



The figure below shows the target time related to the DA process in the Nordics.

Figure 1: Target time related to the DA process in the Nordics

High level overview for NRSC role in the Nordic DA process is shown in figure below.

Figure 2: High level overview for NRSC role in the Nordic DA process



See the video below for a basic explanation of the service provided by ENTSO-E and Coreso.