Critical Grid Situation

Critical Grid Situations is defined as critical situation which cannot be solved solely on national level. To solve the situation coordination between one or more TSO is needed.

ENTSO-E defines a critical situation in the following manner:

A Critical Grid Situation is a potential emergency state, c.f. SO GL article 18(3), identified in the operational planning phase, when all the available regular countermeasures (Remedial Actions) are exhausted and therefore TSOs are required to take regionally coordinated extraordinary countermeasures.”

The service provided by the RSC will be aid in activating and facilitating contact between the Nordic TSOs. The RSC will provide support in form of data, regional and cross, regional overview etc in order to help the TSOs when the TSOs are solving the critical situation. Furthermore, the RSC will aid with coordination with adjacent RSCs. Lastly the RSC will document the manner of the situation and what was done to mitigate the situation to be of possible use in a similar future situation.