Emergency and Restoration Planning

The service deliver a consistency check in the emergency and restoration plans delivered by the TSOs.

The consistency check delivered in 2019 is done on basis of a description of the cross-border electrical connections between the TSOs and the check is done on 4 parameter according to Emergency and Restoration Code art. 6.1:

  • Inter-TSO assistance and coordination in emergency state (article 14)
  • Frequency management procedures (article 18 and 28)
  • Assistance for Active Power (article 21)
  • Top-Down re-energisation strategy, (article 27)

The articles refer to the electricity emergency and restoration code.

The consistency check shall legally be don at least every 4 year. In the Nordic region it is decided to maintain the consistency check on a yearly basis (a minor check) because the Nordic area are highly depending on each other in both an emergency and a restoration situation and because the grid and the production system is changing due to bigger amount of renewables.