Short Term Adequacy forecasts

The Nordic RSC must provide the TSOs with forecasts for production, consumption and the state of the grid. This can then be communicated to market players.

STA Nordic Background

The Nordic region characteristics:

  • Production system based on renewables
    • The forecast of the production depends on the weather forecast
    • Big production units compared to the size of the synchronous area
    • Main part of the production capacity in the northern part of the region
    • Main part of the consumption concentrated in the southern part of the region
  • Bidding zones following the bottlenecks in the grid
  • Both up and down regulation have to be a part of the adequacy assessment


The purpose of the STA service is to collect to generate a common Nordic assessment of the adequacy situation in the following week.

The first version of the service will provide a quality check of the adequacy data. The quality check will provide a graphical overview of the adequacy situations in the next 7 days for each bidding zone and the Nordic as a total.

The following versions of the service will implement calculations and assessments of the adequacy situation based on the quality check as well as focus on data quality improvement.

Further the purpose includes cooperation with the Cross Regional STA project, to obtain an adequacy assessment on an European level.

The CR STA went into operation on the 8th December 2017. Nordic RSC was responsible for the CR service for the first time in April 2018.


See the video below for a basic explanation of the service provided by ENTSO-E and Coreso.